Wednesday, February 13, 2013


My art journal is a space for inspiration.  Recently, Ben and I began a exercise to help him wind down before bed.  Drawing for him is a stress reliever.  He wanted to draw something with me, and on further discussion he wanted to doodle.  I told him, I sometimes began doodling with a squiggle.  Thus began our doodling journey.  
In our recent  A Muse meeting, each attendee was given a squiggle to jump start their imaginations.  Sometimes it is a challenge to get past the suggestive images that may spring to mind and look for the less obvious.  Faces, almost always surface. In this squiggle I see music, grapevines, a butte or mesa, tropical fish, and many faces.

As with doodling there are no right or wrong rules.  The squiggle is simply the inspiration.  Think of it like you are looking for images in the clouds.  When using the squiggle, it is OK to change the lines to better fit with the images you see.  Add color to define those images.  
Your imagination does not need to be exposed by only drawing, try using fibers to highlight your squiggle.  Create a mixed media collage of images.  
You are only limited by yourself.  You are not being graded on this, nor are you being judged.  This is your chance to try different techniques.  If you feel inspired to mix oils with chalks, follow that inspiration.  Remember that this is where you test your creations. We don't know if something is going to work or not unless we experience it first.  We have jump started our imaginations with the squiggle, now breathe and put your ideas to the test.  Creativity, and imagination will only grow when we use it.   
Remember that creativity comes in many shapes and disciplines.  2D is only one tiny aspect of creating, and what happens in your art journal can stay in your art journal.  You are the creator and it is up to you to decide IF you are going to share or not. Happy Journaling

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