Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Inspiration Exercises

 What inspires you?   Inspiration can come from many sources.  Some of them may be items or even events that you enjoy, where as others can be things or situations that you detest.

Recently, our A Muse group had an exercise to share something that they loved, and something that they hated.  How they chose to share this was up to them.  It could be verbal, visual, or audio.  Each of us had about a month to prepare.  I was draw to create something visual.  I was also drawn to research the two items.  Ironically one was a thing and the other was a word.  How was I going to visually share a word?  I decided to present the words in definition form.  Upon further research, I discovered a connection between the two items.  What an amazing segway.

Emotions can be an incredible source of inspiration.  By allowing yourself to delve into your grief, anger, or depression, as well as the euphoric emotions, you can discover some amazing imagery, color, or just plain inspiration.  Sometimes is is difficult to let go of the emotion.  Once you let it go use it to create.  Sometimes writing about the hurt or pain, can be a release.  Sometimes I will run words together and create a textured background for something more pleasant.   Ergo only I truly know what is contained on the page.  The cancer of the extreme emotion is removed by the words, and I can move on.

My art journal contains what I refer to as scream pages.  These pages allow me to vent all of my anguish, with out injuring someone else. with my words.

To start looking for your inspiration, make a list of things that your like, and a list of things you don't.  The look for your next muse.